Double Bloggers! Help!

I need help.

I started a new blog on wordpress, but I can’t seem to completely seperate from My Enchanted Life.

I know, I know, this is a boring post, but I have a question…

It seems that my bio from my first blog transferred over to my new blog. I don’t want that! They’re two completely different blogs!

That’s the only question I have right now, but I will edit later if i run into anymore troubles.


Thanks, Double Bloggers or Blog Experts in general…

I appreciate any technical help you can give me!





A Shout Out to the Beauty Bloggers


I have got to give it up to all of the beauty and fashion bloggers out there–it is so much more difficult than writing from your heart and about your experiences.

Well, at least for me.

Let me explain myself, so as not to offend anyone.

When you write about yourself, your pour your heart out onto the page. You write from your memories, with your voice, there is emotion.

I’ve been trying for a few hours (with breaks) to write a post about black eyeliner.


And it’s not easy!

You have to take photos, upload them, remember brand names, prices, where it’s sold, link it and then and only then comes your experience with that particular product.

Perhaps if I didn’t have a stuffy nosed five year old crawling up my leg all day I might have been able to finish my first post on but I did not.

I promise you, I will win this uphill battle.

It’s a type of writing that I am not used to. it’s actually kind of scientific–a whole lotta research and money goes into those reviews–as silly as that may seem to some of you.

So Beauty Bloggers everywhere, I tip my hat to you! You work hard on your blogs and they’re fabulous! I’m so honored to join your ranks.

Yay for love and eyeliner!

Love & Eyeliner (A Beauty Blog by Suzy Queue)

I decided to do it.


I started a second blog devoted entirely to beauty products, reviews, tricks, pics and all that good girly stuff. It’s not really up and running yet; I feel like I did one year ago when I began “My Enchanted Life” trying to figure out all of the little categories and pages and bios.

Anyway, I’m super excited, hope to get a bunch of followers and follow more beauty blogs myself. (I already follow a whole lotta them.)


I haven’t written anything yet, but I may just start one tonight to get the ball rolling before I start going crazy customizing the site. (Actually, I’m not going to, it’s 11:30 and I have to be up early tomorrow morning. Boo-Hoo.)

I’m really excited about this! Stay Tuned!

I’ll still be whining away on My Enchanted Life, so hopefully, I’ll have two audiences.

Love and Eyeliner,



This is so wrong! Did somebody hack my WordPress?

I’ve been fairly active on WordPress for the past few days. I’m getting my groove back, feeling good, exploring new blogs and commenting like crazy.

Like most of you, I get notified via e-mail when I get a “like” or comment on one of my posts. I was a bit embarrassed when I got a notification that I had “liked” one of my own posts, but I ignored the e-mail and went about my business. (That business would be a nap.)

A couple of hours later I woke up to a friendly phone call from my ex (we’ve called a cease fire) and I decided to “unlike” my own post, which surely I thought was a mistake.


I liked and quickly unliked my post “This Is Why I’m Crying”.

Wait… No I didn’t, you see, under my gravatar photo was the caption “You’re so vain….you probably think “This Is Why I’m Crying” is about you…”

If you’re confused, so am I, but I think I kind of figured it out. Somebody got access to my WordPress account, changed the caption beneath my gravatar, liked my post and then quickly unliked it.


Why on Earth would somebody do this?

I had to change my password and now I can’t even get onto my blog through my MAC–I’m writing this from my phone.

A call for help! Can somebody please check out mot gravatar photo and see if that dumb caption is still there? I can’t do that from my phone. I only hope I didn’t lose a year’s worth of unfinished drafts.


Thanks to anyone who can help me figure out how to sign back on through the web and not the app and a pox on you hacker!!

Boo! Hiss!

Until next time,


Update: as I went to publish this, it seems that all of my categories have disappeared! I hope it’s just a glitch!

Beauty Bloggin’

I've always wanted a beauty blog… Can I handle an Enchanted Life AND Beauty Reviews? We'll see…and stay tuned!

I’ve always wanted a beauty blog… Can I handle an Enchanted Life AND Beauty Reviews? We’ll see…and stay tuned!

When I started blogging, I named my page “SuzyOnTheStreet” thinking that as a hip New Yorker, I would have my fingers on the pulse of new trends in fashion, beauty, music and so on and so on… What i realized was that I had a whole bunch of other shit going on in my life and so “SuzyOnTheStreet” became “My Enchanted Life”, a myriad of posts about cancer, divorce, love, sex, Mommying, MILF-dom, depression, tattoos, memoirs and more. I love “My Enchanted Life”, but I want something a bit more focused and streamlined.

I love makeup. I mean, really. I can’t live without it. I remember, as a little girl, watching my mother carefully apply her cake liner into a cat eye on a daily basis and just admiring the perfection of her hand and the transformation she went through. My Mom loves makeup too and at 76 and bed-ridden, I still bring my beauty bag with me on visits to make-up her face. She loves it and it makes us both feel good.

I am not afraid to say that I am just about an expert on cosmetics. I’ve tried virtually every brand in the land, have a collection that can’t fit into a Craftsman toolbox (I need the set of drawers!) and I test and keep, test and return, test and gift… I just test, test, test…


I don't need this...

I don’t need this…


I need this!!!

I need this!!!

Besides makeup, I’m also addicted to hair and skin products. I’ve tried so many from cheapie drugstore brands to forty dollar bottles of shampoo. Face creams, serums, sunscreens, BB Creams, CC Creams and now DD creams! Yikes!

So, I think I’m going to give it a whirl and see what becomes of it. I have a few blog names running through my mind, but I don’t want to commit to one just yet as I made a mistake with this first url.

I will keep you all updated and I expect lots of support and followers!!!

Love and Eyeliner, (maybe that should be the title of my new blog–no stealing!!)



“This Is Why I’m Crying…”

It’s an inside joke among my tight circle of Brooklyn friends and myself dating back about 23 years. We were causing raucous inside of a Bodega located inFlatbush proper when one or two of my friends started jawing with the owner trying to get a deal on some Sour Power candy. (This is how I spent many a Brooklyn afternoon. No libraries for us.) Of course, marijuana was involved, we all found it hysterical and after driving the owner bat shit crazy for about fifteen minutes, he covered his face with his hands and in his Middle Eastern accent whimpered “This is why I’m crying!!!”

Eat at your own risk! Make sure to brush and see a dentist as soon as possible after sucking, chewing and ingesting this tart and super sugary treat. (Sounds so dirty, but that's how you eat 'em!)

Eat at your own risk! Make sure to brush and see a dentist as soon as possible after sucking, chewing and ingesting this tart and super sugary treat. (Sounds so dirty, but that’s how you eat ‘em!)


Two decades later, whenever something less than catastrophic happens to one of us, a “This is why I’m crying!” escapes our lips. We still laugh and laugh. Today I am crying, because as a a sun worshipper, a beach baby, a Coppertone Queen, I have been banned from the beach due to high fevers and left with nothing but Coney Island dreaming’ and a bottle of (Oh God, I hate to say this…) a b-b-b-bottle of Neutrogena Build A Tan. It smells pretty bad, stained my hands, but, I have to admit– it works. I have a lovely, smelly, fake tan. I can wear shorts and a tank top without feeling my pasty self-consciousness. (I’ve always wanted to review beauty products, so I consider this my first one. If you can get past the smell and are super careful with application, it really does give a realistic looking sun kissed glow.)

This is why I'm crying...

This is why I’m crying…

I love summer clothes and I love a deep golden tan and to me, you can not have one without the other. I’ve been to the beach a handful of times since June, but nothing significant enough to give me that lovely glow I start dreaming about each March.

I'll take the striped bum, please.

I’ll take the striped bum, please.


But… My health and comfort comes first. My poor girl, stuck in the house with her sick Mommy. 101 fever, nausea, headache.

I guess we’ll go the the ceramics workshop in a little while to get her out of the house. Maybe I’ll paint a Palm Tree. (Note: There are no Palm Trees in Brooklyn. It’s my sad attempt at symbolism.)

I want this...

I want this…


But I have to settle for this.

But I have to settle for this.

This is why I’m crying!!!

I am so small.

I was sitting on my couch, brooding over a cup of coffee, hating my ex husband, watching daytime TV and ignoring the beautiful day right outside my window, when suddenly an emergency news break interrupted my life.

Another Malaysian plane was shot down over the Ukraine. I don’t pay much attention to the news (unless I’m in it…) but the interruption captivated me.

What the fuck is going on? Two Malaysian planes in a couple of months? One of them with no trace of ANYTHING to be found? All of those people, just trying to get here or there caught up in some dumb ass political message? Is that what it is? A message?

All I know is that suddenly my health insurance woes seem a bit less important and I pray for the souls of the victims.

No more war, please.
With my ex.
With my body.
Within the world.