Stay. Away. From. My. Boyfriend. (!!)

So, you’re an average looking gal with an average looking man and you’re at a party or a bar or somewhere social and you ask your man to get you another drink from the bar because it’s three deep and you don’t feel like waiting. You’re at a table with your girls and their boyfriends too. You’re laughing and chatting and looking at your empty glass when you look over to the bar and see your man talking to a thin, dark haired beauty covered in colorful tattoos. She’s wearing skin tight jeans, a tank and boots up to her knees. She throws her head back and laughs at something your average man just said exposing teeth as straight and white as an all American picket fence. You abruptly get up from your chair, jostling your best friend and knocking over an empty beer bottle in the process. You make your way over to the bar and saunter up to your man. You give him a kiss on the cheek, place your arm around him and ask him what’s taking so long. Then you turn to me and say “Hi- I’m so and so, this man’s girlfriend.” He tells her it’s a long wait and he didn’t catch my name. I already got my beer five minutes ago, so I leave them to talk it over at the bar. As I leave, I make sure to look back and give her a smirk. And that when she says it with her eyes. “Stay. Away. From. My. Boyfriend.”

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me and I don’t understand why so many women are insanely insecure and possessive when it comes to their boyfriends at parties or in bars. I mean, it’s not like i would go for your average boyfriend and you’re dumb if you think anything of substance could happen while you sit at a table with your friends while you send your man up to the bar to get you a drink. I mean, it’s not like he’s going to leave you for me. Why can’t we all just get along, ladies?

I don’t want to give the impression that I am conceited, because I’m not. But I do know what I look like, how men react to me and how attractive I can be to SOME (not all) men. I have very high self-esteem when it comes to my appearance and social skills. Isn’t that good? Shouldn’t other gals look at someone like me and say, “Wow, she’s confident, good for her!” Instead of the jealousy and anger that often comes with meeting a new girl in one of these, usually alcohol infused, environments.

It’s not only happened to me when I was and am again single. It happened when I was married too. I would be out with the girls proudly wearing my engagement and wedding rings and it would still happen.  And I can only imagine it happens in the reverse too. What I mean is, after I walk away from the average couple, she may say to him (and I am just insinuating here) “Stay. Away. From. That. Slut.” Because of course, I’m a slut. Because you feel intimidated by me, that makes me a slut.



I’m the type of woman who wants to promote love, not hate among all women. I hate when gals attack each other because of their looks or their clothing or tattoos or red lipstick or pretty long hair, because it’s not an attack on THAT girl. It’s a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Like Shit.

So trust me, I’m not going anywhere near your boyfriend or husband…

I. Don’t. Want. Him.

The End.


2 thoughts on “Stay. Away. From. My. Boyfriend. (!!)

  1. Ha, this is so true! Latvian women are nuts for this – they clutch their boyfriends closer if you even glance at them across the street! You might have been thinking ‘nice shoes’, she thinks you’re thinking ‘I need to get her boyfriend into bed’!! 🙂 Also, men have their own minds – if they want to be with you they will. Clinging to them and being paranoid all the time is more likely to drive them away! Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way! Linda.

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