I have cancer. And I feel sorry for it.

Because it tried to fuck with me and I kicked its sorry ass. I’ve been so busy writing about the loves of my life and other ramblings that I’ve almost forgotten about my cancer. 

I had to get a PET scan done a few weeks ago. The results came back a few weeks later. No signs that the cancer had metastasized. My doctor told me that he was going to hold off on the Cytoxan and give me two more rounds of Rituxan (one coming up next week) and then he’ll have me come in bi-weekly to check my blood counts and basically monitor me. He also said that after I finish the Rituxan, there is a good chance of it coming back.  But for now, I’m technically in remission! 

I guess I’ll have to go back to work somewhere…

But, I’m not worried about that right now. I’m just thrilled that I get to keep my hair and that I’m kicking this bitch’s ass. 

Fuck you, cancer!



7 thoughts on “I have cancer. And I feel sorry for it.

  1. My Queen is about to fly south (we live a long way from anywhere) to have more tests for the lumps in her breast they found the other day and I say Fuck cancer,too! Thanks REDdog

    • Just remember, the worst part is the waiting. You have to wait for appointments, tests, test results, an on and on. You WILL get through this. I absolutely believe in the powers of positivity to beat this bitch!! Good luck and keep me posted!!

      • The waiting is over, breast cancer has been confirmed and as discussed she has opted to have a mastectomy…I am very close to starting on my hit list just to feel a teensy bit better…faaarrrkk!! Sorry Suze, you did say to keep you in the loop…Rd


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