I declare a Suzy day.


This morning, after giving some unsolicited advice to LittleMissLola, I decided to take my own advice and declare today a Suzy day. I had a shit ton of stuff to do. I rarely get a day off from Mommying, getting stuck with multiple needles or dealing with some bullshit stemming from The Scandal, so I was perfectly content to ignore the laundry, dishes and cluttered kitchen table to do, well, Suzy stuff.

After breakfast, three cups of coffee and a couple of my crazy pills, I actually watched the Today show. There’s some good shit on that show! Very interesting. Like this man, whose entire family, (including his wife!) had Alzheimer’s disease and then one day he comes home and sees that his Dad (who also suffered from Alzheimer’s) went bonkers and shot up everybody in the house with the dreadful disease. He put everyone, including the man who was the care taker for THREE people with Alzheimer’s out of their misery. The man was actually grateful to his father for shooting up the house. I would have never known that unless I declared a Suzy day.

A couple of Marlboro lights later, I decided it was about time I finally sat my ass down and watched The Great Gatsby. Due to my horrible schedule, I never got to see it in the theatre, so I ordered it on pay per view. It was very good. Very, very good. Not as good as the novel, of course, but better than the Robert Redford version and I happen to love Robert Redford as Gatsby. To me, it’s a tie between the two Gastbys. Redford vs. DiCaprio. DiCaprio was smokin’ hot, as usual, but there was something about Redford that was, Idon’t know…more Gatsby-esque… Anyway, I digress…But that’s what a Suzy day is for. Suzy days are for digressions.

After Gatsby, I took a two and a half hour nap, woke up, called my daughter, ordered a good ol’ overpriced Brooklyn Italian dinner and played with my new steam rollers. I burned my thumb, but no worries, I’m ok. That’s what a Suzy day is for. Taking risks with steam rollers!

Finally, I watched Project Runway, my favorite show in the entire world. Now It’s 11:54, with 6 minutes left of my me day, and I can’t tell you when my next Suzy day will be, but I am entirely grateful to myself for allowing myself to have this one.

I deserved it.


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