I’ve never been in such a bad spot before. People tell me they admire my strength, but what they don’t know is how much I have to push myself not to give up.

Every time I have a date in matrimonial court, I feel like just giving in and saying “Your honor, I just want a fair settlement. I don’t have the strength to fight him anymore.”

But I push.

When I look at my gallon sized bag of prescription pills, I want to throw them all away (except for the good ones) and let my body do what it wants.

But I can’t. I have to push.

And with all this bullshit that I have to deal with stemming from the scandal, I feel like saying”fuck you all. I’ll do what I want.”

And I shut my mouth and I push.

I’m tired.

Pushing is hard work.


6 thoughts on “Push

  1. Keep pushing because pushing builds your endurance but you always have to remember that when you start getting tired of pushing u can’t rest a bit and ill push for u… We love u and can only empathize. You push for yourself cuz we’re here silently and not so silently pushing for you beeker.


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