Crying in My Coffee

Last night I called my daughter to say goodnight to her, as she is staying with her father this weekend. A few minutes after I hang up with her, he calls me back. He wants to talk to me about something. He tells me he has this girlfriend (you might remember her as the “massage girl” from “My funny Divorce.”) I knew they were seeing each other, but he drops this bomb on me.

Him: She’s a very important part of my life and is going to be in it for a long time. I would like her to meet our daughter.”

Me: Absolutely not.

Him: Why? I’m having some people over tomorrow and i won’t introduce her as my girlfriend, just introduce her.

…I open my email and start a note to my attorney and her child advocate with one hand as i hold the phone with the other hand…

Me: “We’re not even divorced yet. She’s still getting used to two homes, she just started Kindergarden–why are you going to fuck with her mind even more? I don’t want her around that cunt. I know who she is. You talked so much shit about her over the years. If you bring that whore near my daughter, expect to see me in court this week.

Him: I want you to understand, she’s a very important part of my life and isn’t going anywhere. There’s going to be a time when they meet.

Me: (Typing and talking) Now is not the time. I don’t want the three of you behaving like a family. I don’t want her to try and be my daughter’s mother. (Now I’m crying…)

Him: Well, this is why I called you. This is co-parenting.

Me: (In my mind: Shut the fuck up.) I already wrote an e-mail to the attorneys about this.

Him: I really don’t think we should get the attorneys involved.

Me: I do. I will. I am.

Him: I’m glad we had this talk. She won’t be meeting her any time soon.

We hang up. I start crying. Why do I have to fight for everything?

I try to go to sleep. I toss and turn and finally drift off as my phone rings.

It’s him again.

Him: I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry that I upset you and that everything you said about the changes she is going through is right. I’m really sorry I upset you.

This morning he tells me he cancelled the party. It was all a ploy to get this cunt to meet my precious daughter.

I’m still shaken up and teary eyed over the whole thing.

And I got my period.



3 thoughts on “Crying in My Coffee

  1. Bloody good onya Suz! Geez, I have visited blokes for less, he needs someone to have a “talk” to him…are you going through all this shit on your own? So sorry for your trouble. Respect REDdog

    • Sorry I haven’t been responding lately, RD, I’ve meant to write back to you about your Queen. Luckily I have excellent family and friends who know what a– I don’t even know what to call him anymore– he is.

      I hope you and you wife are fighting the good fight and I have no doubt you will both come out of this 100% stronger and healthier. xoxo

  2. Thanks Suz, we have our game-faces on. Today we fly to the big smoke for discussions with her surgeon tomorrow. She is in excellent spirits and is well informed about her choices. She is most likely going for the mastectomy and is already calling herself “the one boobed wonder” around the kids…yesterday she had a girlfriend come over and they took some great sexy modelling shots on my Ducati and pool table, just so she has some nice memories. So, all is as good as can be expected at this early stage. Thanks for your thoughts, especially in the midst of your own shit fight. LLHnR Rd


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