The Five Hundred Dollar Letter


Some of you may remember how upset I was in my last post “Crying in My Coffee” about my (ex)husband wanting to introduce my little girl to his new girlfriend. You may also remember that as I was having this conversation with him, I simultaneously     e-mailed my attorney. Today I open my inbox to find this:

Dear Mr X,

My client advises that the parties previously agreed that the child would not be exposed to any unrelated persons involved in an intimate relationship with either of the parties during litigation.

Please advise you client to refrain from introducing his girlfriend to the subject child as we would like to avoid motion regarding the same.

Very Truly Yours,

The Best Attorney EVER

Yeah, he charges $500 bucks an hour, but he gets shit done. And $500 is worth its weight in gold for my peace of mind.

Yay Justice!


3 thoughts on “The Five Hundred Dollar Letter

  1. Fuck yeah, get shit done! Love yer work Suz. REDdog p.s. saw Surgeon today, all indications are for a good outcome with a mastectomy, just gotta wait a bit now


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