Beg. Borrow. Steal.

I hate doing this. I'll pay everybody back in love.

I hate doing this. I’ll pay everybody back in love.

I haven’t been well these past couple of weeks. Raging fevers and general malaise prompted my oncologist to prescribe me 20 mg of prednisone a day and strict bed rest. I didn’t even get bed rest when my ob-gyn thought my baby was going to be three months premature! (A crooked cervix kept her safe and sound inside until they had to cut her out.) My oncologist also set a date (tomorrow) for another bone marrow test and a PET scan in the near future. I was all set. Nervous, but all set. I was actually excited to learn what was causing  these fevers and extreme fatigue. I even cancelled a hair appointment!

Isn't that nice? I was going to go Ombre.

Isn’t that nice? I was going to go Ombre.

This morning I receive a text message from my estranged husband. “Your doctor just called me looking for you.” (Note to self: remove estranged husband from emergency contacts.) I called the office and indeed, there was an emergency! It seems my health insurance had been terminated as if July 1st! And I had no idea! See, my estranged husband left the part time gig which provided us with health benefits over some squabble with his supervisor. He has his own business- nobody’s going to be the boss of him! He researched health care plans and found a fairly shitty, but better than nothing plan that would begin on August 1st. For July, he said, he would pay the premium on the insurance from his former gig. (For my overseas followers, it’s called COBRA and allows you to pay for your former health care if you lose or leave a job for up to two years.) I even told my oncologist to hurry up with these tests because my new insurance plan has a $1500 deductible.

Well now everything’s gone to shit. There’s no way I can afford to pay for a bone marrow test, the office visit and laboratory testing out of pocket. I had to cancel my test tomorrow and reschedule for a later date in August. (More time for the cancer to grow.) So, I hated to do it, but I did.

I don’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter account and this is really my only platform to get the word out, so I’m asking kindly, if you could pass the word along, I’d be ever so grateful and brother, if you could spare a dime, I’d be so very humbled. I don’t ask for anything. I never have and never thought I’d have to, but this is my life and I’ve got a little girl with a crazy, reckless, immature father and she needs me. And I need to be well for her. So I ask, with my hat in hand… Will you gofundme?

skinny, sweaty me and my daughter.

skinny, sweaty me and my daughter.


2 thoughts on “Beg. Borrow. Steal.

  1. Oh Suz, I have some idea but not really what you’re going through. My Queen and I will be trying to find something for this, for you, for your sweet girl. Will stay in touch. Love Red

  2. Thanks so much, RD. I’ve been working hard on tapping all of my resources so that I DON’T need to fundraise for these crazy expensive tests. Thanks for the love—I appreciate it! All the best to you and your Queen!


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