I am so small.

I was sitting on my couch, brooding over a cup of coffee, hating my ex husband, watching daytime TV and ignoring the beautiful day right outside my window, when suddenly an emergency news break interrupted my life.

Another Malaysian plane was shot down over the Ukraine. I don’t pay much attention to the news (unless I’m in it…) but the interruption captivated me.

What the fuck is going on? Two Malaysian planes in a couple of months? One of them with no trace of ANYTHING to be found? All of those people, just trying to get here or there caught up in some dumb ass political message? Is that what it is? A message?

All I know is that suddenly my health insurance woes seem a bit less important and I pray for the souls of the victims.

No more war, please.
With my ex.
With my body.
Within the world.



5 thoughts on “I am so small.

  1. You may be small, and maybe in the scheme of things you feel like your problems don’t amount to much. But there is one similarity, and that is that everybody who lost someone on those Malaysian Airlines flights will be feeling exactly what your little girl will have to go through if she loses you. The crowd funding thing is a good idea, I hope it works…for both your sakes. Love Red


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