Happy Anniversary To Me!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

So, it’s been just over a year since I started suzyonthestreet@wordpress.com


A title change, a few longer than anticipated absences and quite a few new cyber friendships later, I’m back in the swing of things and blogging with a vengeance.

My goals for this next year are to spice up my graphics, get my own domain name, condense some of my categories and finish a handful of drafts while incorporating some fresh new writing. I’m also saying “fuck it” and going to stop being so scared about the ramifications of my scandal. I’m getting back onto social media and WILL expand my audience.

For those of you who have been my handful of loyal followers, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you!

Here’s to another great year!




8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Me!

  1. No way! I’m not packing it up! I’ve actually been rather inspired this past week or so to work a little harder on making my blog what I want it to be. And a very special thank you to you, Mr. Smithson for walking (well, e-mailing) me through my very first blogging baby steps, checking up on me during long absences and for your general good spirit and cuteness!!

    I still have that first e-mail you sent answering my bevy of questions about newbie blogging. I can send it back to you and you should make a post out of it! God knows it must have taken you time to write all of those directions!

    xoxo Always, my British friend and blogger crush!!

  2. Great to hear Suzy, glad this year is gonna be bigger than the last. Congrats on your anniversary, I shall raise one in your honour in theBar thisarvo. Cheers!


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