This is so wrong! Did somebody hack my WordPress?

I’ve been fairly active on WordPress for the past few days. I’m getting my groove back, feeling good, exploring new blogs and commenting like crazy.

Like most of you, I get notified via e-mail when I get a “like” or comment on one of my posts. I was a bit embarrassed when I got a notification that I had “liked” one of my own posts, but I ignored the e-mail and went about my business. (That business would be a nap.)

A couple of hours later I woke up to a friendly phone call from my ex (we’ve called a cease fire) and I decided to “unlike” my own post, which surely I thought was a mistake.


I liked and quickly unliked my post “This Is Why I’m Crying”.

Wait… No I didn’t, you see, under my gravatar photo was the caption “You’re so vain….you probably think “This Is Why I’m Crying” is about you…”

If you’re confused, so am I, but I think I kind of figured it out. Somebody got access to my WordPress account, changed the caption beneath my gravatar, liked my post and then quickly unliked it.


Why on Earth would somebody do this?

I had to change my password and now I can’t even get onto my blog through my MAC–I’m writing this from my phone.

A call for help! Can somebody please check out mot gravatar photo and see if that dumb caption is still there? I can’t do that from my phone. I only hope I didn’t lose a year’s worth of unfinished drafts.


Thanks to anyone who can help me figure out how to sign back on through the web and not the app and a pox on you hacker!!

Boo! Hiss!

Until next time,


Update: as I went to publish this, it seems that all of my categories have disappeared! I hope it’s just a glitch!


9 thoughts on “This is so wrong! Did somebody hack my WordPress?

    • Phil! Don’t play with me! I’m in computer crisis mode right now!

      I’m taking your comment as a “No, TattooGirl, there is no caption underneath your gravatar.”

      Am I correct?

      • I clicked on the gravatar and just got a blank page. But I’m on my phone where Word Press can be a little funky sometimes. Don’t worry too much about it. I don’t think anyone looks at gravatars. I just checked mine and it says “Currently stalking tattoogirl.” Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  1. I’m on my PC. There is no caption under your Gravatar photo. The description says: Brooklyn Girl. Inadvertent trouble maker. Single Mommy. Cancer fighter. Loves lipstick, tattoos, tiaras, sex and life…where ever it brings me….come along for the ride. I hope to keep you entertained…


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