A Shout Out to the Beauty Bloggers


I have got to give it up to all of the beauty and fashion bloggers out there–it is so much more difficult than writing from your heart and about your experiences.

Well, at least for me.

Let me explain myself, so as not to offend anyone.

When you write about yourself, your pour your heart out onto the page. You write from your memories, with your voice, there is emotion.

I’ve been trying for a few hours (with breaks) to write a post about black eyeliner.


And it’s not easy!

You have to take photos, upload them, remember brand names, prices, where it’s sold, link it and then and only then comes your experience with that particular product.

Perhaps if I didn’t have a stuffy nosed five year old crawling up my leg all day I might have been able to finish my first post on loveandeyeliner@wordpress.com but I did not.

I promise you, I will win this uphill battle.

It’s a type of writing that I am not used to. it’s actually kind of scientific–a whole lotta research and money goes into those reviews–as silly as that may seem to some of you.

So Beauty Bloggers everywhere, I tip my hat to you! You work hard on your blogs and they’re fabulous! I’m so honored to join your ranks.

Yay for love and eyeliner!


One thought on “A Shout Out to the Beauty Bloggers

  1. I have to agree that beauty bloggers also have a lot of things to do! I think that taking and uploading photos takes me the longest! But on the other hand, I really admire people who can entertain people with their personal life and stories. I am trying to do both (beauty and personal), but I definitely have to work on my writing :). Anyway, I was browsing through you blog and I really like it. I am clicking that follow button with pleasure (and your beauty’s blog as well). Check out my blog if you will have some free time 🙂


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