Devolution Into Violence

Source: Devolution Into Violence


This left me speechless. Please read it.


What’s Wrong with my WordPress?

I know, I know. Suzy had another lapse, but I wanted to write a couple of new posts and see what my WordPress buddies were up to and suddenly everything has gone awry! My reader only has one blog, my little picture is gone and I lost my domain (though you can still access it at

I have so much to share. I have had so many magical experiences since my last post and I want to share them all with you.

I’m going to do some technical work, but please, if you know of any changes (like how I can get my reader back) share them with me!

I’m off,



Suzy’s Lapses


I’m such a lazy blogger. I have a bunch of drafts and a river of ideas running through my mind, but there are periods of time when I just can’t bring myself to write.

It could be depression. I can write several posts on my battle with depression.

It could be fatigue. My cancer doesn’t want to go away and I have “traces” of leukemia in my blood. Not enough to treat but enough to make me crazy, super tired. I have to “watch and wait.” That’s all I can do. Watch and wait. Oh, and have a colonoscopy. Yay Cancer!!!

It could be my single mom status. I’m with my girl all of the time. When she’s with her Dad, I just want to collapse in bed or on the beach. I used to use that time to have sex, but that came to an end last week. (Yes, I’m pissed. Yes, I will write the post when I can focus.”)

It could be my slowly dying MacBook. I really need a new one. I should just bite the bullet and slap it on a credit card.

Whatever the reason is, I am going to try really hard to post at least once or twice a week–even if it’s just a photo with a few words or…oh who the hell am I kidding?? I’m not going to post a damn photo with a few words! I’ve never done that before.

I am going to finish up some of my drafts. I am going to continue my “Great Loves” series. I am going to be present.

I’m scrolling through my reader and I realize that I miss y’all!!

You will see me again soon.


Sean Smithson

I “met” Sean shortly after starting this blog just over a year ago. He was one of my first followers and we hit it off immediately. When I made a post regarding my confusion setting up my WordPress page, Sean … Continue reading

My First Post on Love & Eyeliner! Read, Click Link, Follow!!!

I posted a while back that I was going to start a beauty blog. It’s been difficult trying to learn how to manage two blogs under the same account, but, I think I may have gotten the hang of it.

Love & Eyeliner eventually will stand on its own, but since I have way more followers on My Enchanted Life, I figured i would advertise my first post here. Please visit and follow me! Even if you hate makeup! (Sean, I’m talking to you!)

Here’s a copy of my first post, sans photos, because I don’t think I can copy and paste those…

Thank You ALL!!


Black Eyeliner

I’m addicted to black eyeliner. I think it stems from watching my Mom standing in front of her vanity with her Mary Kay cake liner, licking the brush, rubbing it in the cake and creating the perfect winged eye. Damn, she could make a perfect wing. But, I digress. Not only did she inspire my love for black winged eyeliner, she also, by licking that brush, subliminally taught me that not all tools come in packages at the beauty shop. (Another post on tips and tricks to follow!) Here is my homage to my favorite black eyeliners. I haven’t gone a day without a cat eye since I was fifteen years old–well, except on those stay at home days. Here I am at 10:00 AM on a Sunday morning and yes, my liner is on. But enough jibber jabber… Here are the liners I can’t live without.

My Eyeliner Staple: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

I don’t remember when I started using this liner, but I do know that I have gone through about twenty of them–and that’s not because the liner dries out quickly as some reviewers say. It’s because it is amazing. It has an inky felt tip liner which is perfect for the novice or the expert. You can create a thin line with the tip or a thicker line by dragging the pen across the lid using the side of the tip. The best part about about it? The name does not lie! This liner STAYS ALL DAY! Even better, it is super easy to remove with regular drugstore eye makeup remover or wipes. I’ve tried the gray, which is a bit too light for me, the brown, which I didn’t like because I’m a black eyeliner girl and I would love to try a deep purple if they ever come out with one. (I’m partial to a very dark purple liner. It’s super easy to find at any Sephora,, and Stila’s own website. Seriously, it’s a must have for any black eyeliner loving’ girl and if you’re new to “liquid” liners and are afraid of the waterproof factor in the event of mistakes–don’t be! A Q-Tip with a drop of eye makeup remover will fix any mistakes you mazy make, and believe me, I’ve made plenty. There are just some mornings when you have a shaky hand or nothing is going right. At twenty dollars, some may think it’s a bit pricey for an eyeliner pen, but I’ve purchased drugstore brands which cost between nine and thirteen dollars and they can’t come close to the staying power and versatility of Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. Seriously–give it a try! If you don’t like it, you can always return it for something that works better for you!

My New Black Eyeliner Love: Benefit “They’re Real! Push Up Gel Eyeliner Pen”

I’m a big fan of Benefit cosmetics in general, so when they came out with the matching gel eyeliner for their “They’re Real!” mascara, I had to give it a try. I LOVE IT. After excitedly ripping opening the packaging, I was a bit confused. There was a little orange stopper in the tip of the pen and no eyeliner ready to swipe over my lid. I finally figured it out, removed the orange stopper and twisted the pen until I saw the gel liner start to rise from the slanted applicator tip. It was love at first sight. It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but, oh my, the results! The easy glide of a gel liner in a pen, the choice to make a thick or thin line because of the slanted rubber applicator and you get to choose exactly how much liner you want to “push up.” I think that this feature makes it a good choice for beginners.  I just adore it. It’s like using a gel pot without he brush. It’s not waterproof, but lasts all day long. Removal can be a bit messy, but easy enough with again, any ol’ drugstore brand eye makeup remover. At $24.00, it is a splurge, but I was lucky enough to receive a few deluxe samples with some Sephora purchases. The reviews aren’t that great on, but I give it five stars. It’s a deep, dark, long lasting black gel liner in a pen which allows you to create the perfect cat or winged eye.

An aside, I also adore the matching “Push Up Mascara.” 

An Interesting Liquid Pen: Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool

At $22 dollars, again, it’s no bargain, but I don’t skimp on my black liner, so as soon as I saw this strange looking eyeliner pen in my local Sephora, I had to buy it. I’m so glad I did! It’s not waterproof and removes easily with, again, any ol’ eye makeup remover or plain soap and water. (I  never use soap and water on my eyes, but I’m sure a facial cleanser will take it off rather easily.) What attracted me to this pen was the strange three pronged tip. I was intrigued. After my first use, I was in love. The three pronged tip is designed to dig deep into the lash line giving you a line which doesn’t have to be reapplied those times that you just miss the lash line. You can youse the side to start a thin line and begin to rotate it to create a thicker line at the ends. As the description on sephora‘s website states, it is a “tool” to “create the perfect lash line” and the reviews are great.


Always on My Bathroom Shelf: MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner

At $16.00, MAC’s Fluidline Gel Eyeliner is a bargain. One pot lasts forever (don’t forget to put the cap back on or it will dry out) and because you must apply with an eyeliner brush, you control how much or how little and how thick or how thin you want your line. It comes in a ton of colors, but I’m writing about black eyeliner here, so I’ll stick to that. I’m not sure if I would recommend this for the beginner because it does require a brush, but hey, as I wrote earlier, my Mom used spit on a brush and a cake liner to create her perfect eye. Practice makes perfect! MAC also has a waterproof version MAC Chromaline Gel Liner for $20.00. (This will be purchased after I conclude and post!) I prefer to purchase my MAC products at department stores such as Nordstrom because their return policy lis so good. I’m not a huge MAC fan with the exception of this liner and their fabulous lipsticks, so it makes more sense for me to purchase what I know and like from MAC from department stores. (I’m not sure of MAC’s return policy…I’ll have to do some research…) If you want to see how much I really, really love this liner, take a peek at the photos below. How often do you finish an entire beauty product? Me? I have so many, it’s not too often, but I do have my favorites which you will be reading about soon.

So my fellow makeup lovers, thank you for reading my very first post on Love & Eyeliner. I would love your feedback and hit that “follow” button! And one final question…

What’s your favorite black (or for that matter any) eyeliner? 

I love trying new products and can’t wait for your feedback!


Love & Eyeliner,

Suzy Queue


Double Bloggers! Help!

I need help.

I started a new blog on wordpress, but I can’t seem to completely seperate from My Enchanted Life.

I know, I know, this is a boring post, but I have a question…

It seems that my bio from my first blog transferred over to my new blog. I don’t want that! They’re two completely different blogs!

That’s the only question I have right now, but I will edit later if i run into anymore troubles.


Thanks, Double Bloggers or Blog Experts in general…

I appreciate any technical help you can give me!





A Shout Out to the Beauty Bloggers


I have got to give it up to all of the beauty and fashion bloggers out there–it is so much more difficult than writing from your heart and about your experiences.

Well, at least for me.

Let me explain myself, so as not to offend anyone.

When you write about yourself, your pour your heart out onto the page. You write from your memories, with your voice, there is emotion.

I’ve been trying for a few hours (with breaks) to write a post about black eyeliner.


And it’s not easy!

You have to take photos, upload them, remember brand names, prices, where it’s sold, link it and then and only then comes your experience with that particular product.

Perhaps if I didn’t have a stuffy nosed five year old crawling up my leg all day I might have been able to finish my first post on but I did not.

I promise you, I will win this uphill battle.

It’s a type of writing that I am not used to. it’s actually kind of scientific–a whole lotta research and money goes into those reviews–as silly as that may seem to some of you.

So Beauty Bloggers everywhere, I tip my hat to you! You work hard on your blogs and they’re fabulous! I’m so honored to join your ranks.

Yay for love and eyeliner!

Love & Eyeliner (A Beauty Blog by Suzy Queue)

I decided to do it.


I started a second blog devoted entirely to beauty products, reviews, tricks, pics and all that good girly stuff. It’s not really up and running yet; I feel like I did one year ago when I began “My Enchanted Life” trying to figure out all of the little categories and pages and bios.

Anyway, I’m super excited, hope to get a bunch of followers and follow more beauty blogs myself. (I already follow a whole lotta them.)


I haven’t written anything yet, but I may just start one tonight to get the ball rolling before I start going crazy customizing the site. (Actually, I’m not going to, it’s 11:30 and I have to be up early tomorrow morning. Boo-Hoo.)

I’m really excited about this! Stay Tuned!

I’ll still be whining away on My Enchanted Life, so hopefully, I’ll have two audiences.

Love and Eyeliner,



Beauty Bloggin’

I've always wanted a beauty blog… Can I handle an Enchanted Life AND Beauty Reviews? We'll see…and stay tuned!

I’ve always wanted a beauty blog… Can I handle an Enchanted Life AND Beauty Reviews? We’ll see…and stay tuned!

When I started blogging, I named my page “SuzyOnTheStreet” thinking that as a hip New Yorker, I would have my fingers on the pulse of new trends in fashion, beauty, music and so on and so on… What i realized was that I had a whole bunch of other shit going on in my life and so “SuzyOnTheStreet” became “My Enchanted Life”, a myriad of posts about cancer, divorce, love, sex, Mommying, MILF-dom, depression, tattoos, memoirs and more. I love “My Enchanted Life”, but I want something a bit more focused and streamlined.

I love makeup. I mean, really. I can’t live without it. I remember, as a little girl, watching my mother carefully apply her cake liner into a cat eye on a daily basis and just admiring the perfection of her hand and the transformation she went through. My Mom loves makeup too and at 76 and bed-ridden, I still bring my beauty bag with me on visits to make-up her face. She loves it and it makes us both feel good.

I am not afraid to say that I am just about an expert on cosmetics. I’ve tried virtually every brand in the land, have a collection that can’t fit into a Craftsman toolbox (I need the set of drawers!) and I test and keep, test and return, test and gift… I just test, test, test…


I don't need this...

I don’t need this…


I need this!!!

I need this!!!

Besides makeup, I’m also addicted to hair and skin products. I’ve tried so many from cheapie drugstore brands to forty dollar bottles of shampoo. Face creams, serums, sunscreens, BB Creams, CC Creams and now DD creams! Yikes!

So, I think I’m going to give it a whirl and see what becomes of it. I have a few blog names running through my mind, but I don’t want to commit to one just yet as I made a mistake with this first url.

I will keep you all updated and I expect lots of support and followers!!!

Love and Eyeliner, (maybe that should be the title of my new blog–no stealing!!)



Happy Anniversary To Me!

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