What’s Wrong with my WordPress?

I know, I know. Suzy had another lapse, but I wanted to write a couple of new posts and see what my WordPress buddies were up to and suddenly everything has gone awry! My reader only has one blog, my little picture is gone and I lost my loveandeyeliner.com domain (though you can still access it at loveandeyeliner.wordpress.com).

I have so much to share. I have had so many magical experiences since my last post and I want to share them all with you.

I’m going to do some technical work, but please, if you know of any changes (like how I can get my reader back) share them with me!

I’m off,




Suzy’s Lapses


I’m such a lazy blogger. I have a bunch of drafts and a river of ideas running through my mind, but there are periods of time when I just can’t bring myself to write.

It could be depression. I can write several posts on my battle with depression.

It could be fatigue. My cancer doesn’t want to go away and I have “traces” of leukemia in my blood. Not enough to treat but enough to make me crazy, super tired. I have to “watch and wait.” That’s all I can do. Watch and wait. Oh, and have a colonoscopy. Yay Cancer!!!

It could be my single mom status. I’m with my girl all of the time. When she’s with her Dad, I just want to collapse in bed or on the beach. I used to use that time to have sex, but that came to an end last week. (Yes, I’m pissed. Yes, I will write the post when I can focus.”)

It could be my slowly dying MacBook. I really need a new one. I should just bite the bullet and slap it on a credit card.

Whatever the reason is, I am going to try really hard to post at least once or twice a week–even if it’s just a photo with a few words or…oh who the hell am I kidding?? I’m not going to post a damn photo with a few words! I’ve never done that before.

I am going to finish up some of my drafts. I am going to continue my “Great Loves” series. I am going to be present.

I’m scrolling through my reader and I realize that I miss y’all!!

You will see me again soon.


Help Me!


As a newbie blogger, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. First, I chose the wrong URL. I think I know how to fix that by upgrading. Then, I changed my background and title of the blog. OK, no problem, but dear readers and followers, this is a cry for help to assist me in some of the technical aspects of this blog.

I have no idea how to categorize my posts. I’m not sure if my “theme” doesn’t support the sidebar menu, if I have to upgrade or if I’m just technically challenged.

I don’t understand the home page. I know I have one, but it’s not my home. When someone types in http://www.suzyonthestreet@wordpress.com, they get my blog, not my “widget” page. And what exactly are widgets? I’ve tried the support, forums, fiddled around and can’t figure this shit out.

And what about fonts and colors and bold print and all of little things that make your blog colorful and fun? How do I do that?

I want to make this into something more. I have so much to write about and they NEED categories. How can a reader go from one post about my chemo treatments to my next post about losing my virginity? It’s too confusing–for everybody!!

I bagan this blog late one night, on a whim, after several forgotten attempts at blogging in previous lives. I made mistakes. I want to fix them.

I feel like the gal in the Lichtenstein painting. “That’s the way it SHOULD have BEGUN! But it’s HOPELESS!”

So, dear readers and fellow bloggers, I need your help!! All comments and support would be so greatly appreciated. You can comment right here on this entry or e-mail me at tattoosandtiaras11210@gmail.com

I’m waiting…


Tattoo Girl (AKA Suzy Queue)